Product Registration

Why Register?

Climet highly recommends completing a Product Registration as there are several benefits to both U.S. and international customers. 

Quality Management System and Regulatory Requirements:

End-users of our instrumentation may need to take proactive steps to ensure they are made aware of any product changes that might effect (either positively or negatively) product quality or safety. Moreover, in the spirit of CANEI (Constant And Never Ending Improvement) our management team at Climet periodically reviews various manufacturing processes and procedures to ensure the highest level of product quality is maintained. By registering your Climet product, you will be notified of any product or engineering changes via email, will receive our quarterly newsletter, and will have the option of registering for access to our technical library, which includes software and firmware revisions summaries, and more.

International End-Users

For our international customers (i.e., outside the United States), in addition to that mentioned above, you will be notified directly by Climet if there are changes that affect your local sales/service support channel.

Lost or Stolen Equipment

By registering your Climet equipment, the serial number of your instrument will be added to our database. Climet will use best efforts to contact you if your instrument is returned for service or calibration by any organization not previously registered.


Climet uses registration information solely and exclusively for internal purposes only. We do not provide this information to our partners, or any other third party.