Climet Software Solutions

The following software solutions are offered as an alternative or to compliment expensive LIMS systems.

Data Acquisition & Storage for Portable Particle Counters

Excel Macro

Downloads and stores data from portable particle counters, and parses the data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Secure Excel Macro

Downloads and stores data from portable particle counters, and parses the data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.   Has added security to comply with 21 CFR 11 compliant.



IDPro Software
p/n: 9503500x

IDPro is a utility program that is supplied with DataPro 2.5, but can also be purchased separately.  It allows IDs to be entered into a computer file and uploaded to a particle counter.  This program has versions that work with specific models of portable particle counters.

DataPro 2.5
p/n: 95037000

Data Monitoring Software for Portable Particle Counters
Includes IDPro Software (mentioned above)
21 CFR 11 compliant

DataPro 2.5E - Product Change Notification (Nov 2015)



PC Counter Clone Software
p/n:  95135100

Compliments Climet's no-charge "unit-to-unit" cloning capability on our portable particle counters.  Allows users to save and manage portable particle counter settings on a local PC workstation, server or laptop. Highly recommended.  

Remote Sensors - Data Acquisition, Storage  & Control

DataPro 3
p/n: 95036900

Control and Monitoring Software for Remote Particle Counters
CI-3100 Ethernet OPT and Alarm Towers.  DataPro 3 is 21 CFR 11 compliant, and receives data in real time from the sensors during sampling.  DataPro 3 provides reports, and can also export data to Excel tables for graphing.

Validation Utility
p/n:  95134600

The validation utility allows the CI-3100 Ethernet OPT remote sensors to be easily validated.  The program can write specific particle counts to the sensor, so that alarm limits and reporting can be tested with known values.  This greatly simplifies the process, and reduces the time required to complete the validation or remote sensors.

Microbial Sampler Software

CI-90/95 ID Loader comes Free with all
Climet Microbial Samplers.

This is a microbial sampler version of IDPro, and is used with the CI-90 Series (x=1), and the CI-95 Series (x=2).



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