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We provide calibration support for all Climet manufactured products. 

You can be assured the most current methods and procedures are used whether your instrumentation is calibrated at our factory, one of our authorized service centers, or with one of our many authorized international distribution channel partners

In the United States, Climet offers onsite calibration service, or alternatively, users may have their instruments serviced by Climet at our factory or other Climet Service Centers.

The most current methods used to calibrate Climet devices enables our technicians to observe abnormalities that would otherwise be missed. 

Climet uniquely performs additional testing beyond what's normal industry practice in order to provide our customers an additional level of assurance, accuracy, reliability, and performance.  This additional testing is well in advance of industry standards.

Years of count efficiency testing have demonstrated that a properly calibrated Climet particle counter produces good count efficiency, even after more than a decade of use! 

Factory Calibration:
Calibration of Climet manufactured devices are generally performed at our factory located in Redlands, California; or at one of our other service centers located in the USA.

USA Onsite Calibration:
At customer's request, we can coordinate onsite calibration at your facility located anywhere within the United States. 

International Calibration:
Customers located outside the United States can generally have their devices calibrated by one of our international distributors, or alternatively at our factory.  Please, contact us for further information.

Standards Based Calibration:
We calibrate and certify to the following standards: 

ANSI Z540, ISO 10012, ISO 21501-4, and JIS 9921. 


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